Friday, August 22, 2008

IBM Data Warehouse Edition DWH Password Maze

Stringent user account security policy in the network domain can cause damaging maintenance headache in deployed IBM DWH multiservers environment. User account information are all around the places, in your DB2 services, WAS server, Alphablox and so on. The day when the user passwords expired or required account disabled, it will be the day DWE solutions face total outrage. Well, may be I'm just exaggerating.

Where do you update the user credentials in DWE environment when such a need arise?

Briefly speaking, at least the following locations:

1. DB2 Windows services, assuming Windows environment

Log On As for each DB services need to be updated.

2. Websphere Global Security Setting, assuming using LocalOS repository

This can be tricky. The easiest is to update the password before you shut down the WAS server. If the server already shut down and you didn't manage to update the password, then you wouldn't be able to start the server again because of authentication error. If this is the case, you got to manually disable the WAS global security by changing the "enabled" attribute of security:Security xml element to false in security.xml file located in /config/cells/Cell. Then start the server, update the password in LocalOS setting and turn on Global Security again by checking on the option in WAS Admin Console.

3. Data Sources defined in DWE Admin Console

Data Sources used by DWH application processes, which are not attached to WAS data source, must be updated.

Before you can perform this, you need to update the J2C user password in WAS for Admin Console to be able to connect to its repository. (Item 6)

4. Data Sources defined in Alphablox Admin Console

Usually this will be data sources for Alphablox cubes to retrieve IBM Cube Views meta data.

5. WAS account used by Alphablox for management

Alphablox uses a WAS user credential for connecting to WAS and managing Alphablx applications in WAS. This piece of information is located in Alphablox repository, /servers/AlphabloxAnalytics/

Replace the line ws.admin.password.protected with ws.admin.password=<your_password_in_plaintext>

The issue here is that the new password will be in clear text. I read across some materials that say the password is encoded again the next time the server restarted. However, I don't see that happens in my environment.

6. WAS J2C Authentication entries

7. WAS JNDI Data Sources, assuming not using J2C authentication

8. Optionally, WAS Windows Services

Hope this is helpful to you.

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