Friday, August 22, 2008

Enable Commenting (Comments)

An excerpt from Alphablox 8.4 documentation:

CommentsBlox allows you to provide cell commenting (also known as cell annotations) functionality to your application. In addition, you can use CommentsBlox for general commenting that are not tied to any other Blox. For example, you can allow users to add comments to a site, an application, a report, or a Web page.

Comments are stored in a JDBC accessible relational database. Supported databases include IBM(R) DB2(R) UDB, Sybase, Microsoft(R) SQL Server, and Oracle. This data source needs to be defined to DB2 Alphablox. DB2 Alphablox provides a Comments Management page under the Server link in the DB2 Alphablox Administration tab that lets you specify the relational data source to use for storing comments. From that page, you can create "collections" (data tables) to store comments. For cell-level comments, you will need to specify the multidimensional data source used in your GridBlox, the cube to use (for Microsoft Analysis Services), and the dimensions to include. For general comments, you only need to specify the name.

Here is what you need to do to get a feel of the built-in CommentsBlox in Alphablox.

First, go to Alphablox Administration Site, by default should be accessible from http://yourserver:9080/AlphabloxAdmin/

From the Administration main tab, you should be in General paage by default. There is a Runtime Management section, amongst others. Click on the Comments link under this section. A pop-up window should appear that refer to http://yourserver:9080/AlphabloxAdmin/comments/commentsAdmin.jsp.

Here you gotta define the comments collection (sort of like a repository to store a particular set of comments) and maybe customize the set of fields used for commenting.

Choose a data source that you already defined elsewhere, enter the security credential and click Connect button. All existing collections should appear in the list provided.

Click Create button, since you want to create a new collection. You need to fill in the details for the form provided, particularly you need to specify the dimension to enable the comments and the fields required for the comment entry.

Click Save once you done.

Ok, you have done with the necessary configuration.

In your Blox programming, you can do the following:

1. Enabling Commenting for GridBlox
<blox:data><blox:comments collectionName="YourCommentCollectionName" dataSourceName="TheDataSourceUsedForCollection" /></blox:data>

<blox:grid commentsEnabled="true" />

Then when you right click on your grid cell, an option called "Comments" will appear.

2. Use com.alphablox.blox.CommentsBlox and related com.alphablox.blox.comments.*

This allows you to implement Commenting feature for your relational reports or any other general usage. Requires programming though.

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