Friday, August 22, 2008

Validate Your DB2 Backup Image

Everyone knows that a disaster recovery plan would be practically useless if you never really try the thing out... at least on regular basis. Constant environment changes and infrastructure evolutions can render your DR strategy flatten at the precise moment when you really need it to restore your business operation.

Same matters applied to your DB2 backup images (versioned backup) that you takes maybe on monthly basis depending on the criticality of the data and business continuity. So, what you plan to do? Restoring the image one by one during your precious coffee break to one of the available development machine? You must be joking me!!! Amateurs who know little about DB2 might do that.

Start pranking around and get serious. We need to use some tool to do the plumbing for us. Fortunately enough, DB2 do provides us with that tool.


This tool is located at \bin\db2ckbkp.exe (Windows)

Have fun.

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